Holly RobinHolly Robin was born in the frigid wasteland of Sudbury in the midst of a fierce blizzard. With help from a brood of frostwolves she raised from pups, she rose to become a level 80 ‘Nord’ of Tamriel and a self-proclaimed opera singer. Like most northern adventurers, she spends her time traversing the troll-ridden tundras of the frozen north alongside her fearsome canine companions. With nothing but a courageous heart and a flask of green tea, she seeks out and rids her town of troublemaking dragons, goblins and ogres. She keeps the demons of orthodoxy and blandishment at bay with naught but her formidable store of raw vegan goods and a magical paintbrush. This paintbrush has allowed her to create illusions that become real once dried enabling her to fashion a keep rivaling even legendary Olympus in its grandeur and majesty. While relaxing at her keep she revels in creative solitude, seeking mastery over arts both traditional and culinary. Around her home village, she enjoys a bardic lifestyle, occasionally creating song and melody with keyboard accompaniments. Fearsome she may be, but to her dearest friends, family, and animal companions, her heart is but a melting pot of marshmallows.”

- Ryvonne Draconis